As the Bell Tolls 

I spend a lot of my time worrying about how much I’m wasting.

It feels like life is dictated by the clock hand. I wake up when the alarm goes off. I leave at a certain time so that I can get to my early morning class, then spend the rest of my school day following the clock, making schedules based around time restraints so I can spend it evenly between homework and hobbies.  

It’s only when I really start to think about it that I see how ingrained time has become into my routine when time itself merely exists as a concept, and I am here, whole and warm-blooded, spending my time writing about it. 

Time is still important to me, real or not. The duration of my high school career is millions of moments well-spent. I spent my periods enjoying the time I have here, and panicking when I think about how little length I have left. Yet, I still have mid-terms next week – and those seem too close – so how can graduation, which is months and months away, still feel like a short instant?

Anyways, just a short post because I’ve been busy, and perhaps because I’ve been wasting too much time worrying about it.