In response to today’s one-word prompt: Giggle. 
Quietly, at first, the two trumpet players suppress the swell of their chests as their breath bloats with laughter. Their long hair covers the sly turn of their lipstick lips as they cover their smiles in their hands. The director frowns, softly, a gentle disapproval. His baton cuts the tension in the air. The girls straighten their instruments and then their act. 

The french horn soloist bleats through his horn, an unfortunate mistake that send those silly girls into a fit of sniggering. The music rises. The girls shrink into their seats, red in the face and happy in the heart.

 A mixture of gasping for breath and reaching for air to hit a note. 

Short bursts of chuckling escape in between fingers. The girls exchange glances. Here is what each other sees:

A beautiful young woman with mile-length auburn hair and cheerful freckles smattered about her features smiles with brilliant blue eyes. Always wearing black clothes, always cracking up. 

Another with short blonde hair, she says goofy things and laughs without reason. 

The crinkling of both their eyes signals the uprising of a giggle as the flutes enter on the wrong measure. 


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