In response to today’s prompt: Open, featuring one of my favorite myths.

After the box was opened, famine ate away at the wood and starved the dark stain finish. The weather eroded the promise of temptation the timber captured. Men grew tempers, and women grew malicious.

After the box was opened, the god marveled at what he had created; he saw that it was bad. He let the wood rot away. He would rot the world.

But after the box was opened, all the wrong things could not overshadow the hope that remained. An open box released the horrors of thinking positively.

Open-mindedness, opened arms, opened heart, opened ears – these are all the best traits the worst opened thing enclosed.



Coming to Terms

In response to today’s one-word prompt: Understanding


I know the sun rises in the east and sets in west. I could close my eyes and be certain of the colors of a sunset like a kaleidoscope on my brother’s unbrushed hair. I am familiar with the shadows on his cheekbones, the way his brown eyes are more than mud; they are the color of sap, of brawn, of wonder. I am conscious of the bend of his back, equally as limber as a willow tree dips a branch into a pond. He crouches to reach his stretching hands into the bottom of a container. Reaching up, he then releases a hundred tiny grains for the chickens scattered at his feet. I know next that he will turn around to face me, and his face will be obscured by the onset of nightfall.

I understand these things to be imbedded in my memory, thought of whenever I need to be sure of something.

I’m positive this is the good life. I am sure, I am unwavering, and I am understanding that I am blessed.