Coming to Terms

In response to today’s one-word prompt: Understanding


I know the sun rises in the east and sets in west. I could close my eyes and be certain of the colors of a sunset like a kaleidoscope on my brother’s unbrushed hair. I am familiar with the shadows on his cheekbones, the way his brown eyes are more than mud; they are the color of sap, of brawn, of wonder. I am conscious of the bend of his back, equally as limber as a willow tree dips a branch into a pond. He crouches to reach his stretching hands into the bottom of a container. Reaching up, he then releases a hundred tiny grains for the chickens scattered at his feet. I know next that he will turn around to face me, and his face will be obscured by the onset of nightfall.

I understand these things to be imbedded in my memory, thought of whenever I need to be sure of something.

I’m positive this is the good life. I am sure, I am unwavering, and I am understanding that I am blessed.


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