An Assault on Spirituality 


I hesitated to breathe. At an elevation of 14,336 feet, the view conquered every stone. On a mountain the very color of thunderstorms, I let the glory of it all ransack my being. 

The sunrise drenched me in beams. 

       The wind pushed me to my knees
                 where the pebbles                                                      pitter-pattered at my feet. 

       There was no rain because there was                                     no tempest. 

…but from that silver mountain, you’d never know the difference between the Spirit and a storm…

God himself said the land and skies were good; but He himself said that the people were very good. 

(to be greater than a sunrise, grander than a mountain) I am a blizzard to behold. 

                        ~La Plata 2016~


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