Paint Me Across the Map

Squeezed into the mixed sky like blobs of paint, the clouds settle on the tops of the hills they pass. Windmills stir the scene; a slow whisk rakes across the green and lighter, more yellow pastures. A herd of cows stand by a copper pond. The cattle are shades of creams and charcoals against the barren landscape. 

Their car glides over the bubbling tar of the asphalt. Sleek and metallic, the little engine slathers itself across the portrait. Its lone star license plate waves singularly like brush strokes for wind on The Starry Night. 

It begins to rains, and all the colors wash in the water.

So another canvas takes on cosmetic appeal. Plates flash neon yellow and Spanish red at the oncoming car. 

“Welcome to New Mexico.” 

          ((Yellowstone Road-trip 2016))


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