Damn Tired of It

Inspired by today’s one-word prompt: Waiting.

This morning I was damn tired of it – the damp air, pissy mattress springs, each repeat alarm.

I tugged tangled sheets off tired toes and sighed. My body persisted we stay in bed. Grouchy fingers pulled back at the covers, and I had to force them to keep to themselves. angry-black-and-white-cartoon-grumpy-favim-com-2671150

“Not today, guys,” I scolded every effort I took to wake up, “Honestly, why does this have to be so difficult?”

Cold tile was an unwelcome shock to my unforgiving feet. I took my kettle and filled it with water, yawning to hide impatient groans. Waiting for the sizzle of boiling water, I walked to the bathroom sink and threw up the light switch. A yellow shadow was cast from depressed fluorescent lights. The weight of the color seemed to pee on me. I let the feeling wash over me, too exhausted to change the bulbs.

Leaning on the sink, I looked into a mirror that apologized for its reflection.

Coffee reached out to me on the brink of mental suicide. I could’ve poured molten java beans down my throat and been none the happier. Another sleepy morning boasted as I slipped my bag over my shoulder and headed to my 8am in house shoes.

I go through my day waiting for it to be over, and I’m damn tired of it.


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