An Open Letter

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. 

– Anne Frank

Dear friends,

Don’t forget to be kind.

Freedom of speech is not the freedom to spread hate. The world is weary with words wasted angrily away. Hatred is not inherent in our hearts. We should be childlike.

Look around and observe how great this earth is. Watch it with wonder. Every bit of this planet is working for us. It exists perfectly for us, and we inhabit it gracelessly. We’ve separated ourselves with oceans we fill with garbage and lands we think we can conquer just for a place to call our own. The earth is a home for us; we have it all.

We do, the people. That includes all of us. Your sex, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and political views are involved amongst us. They are a part of you as much as they are a part of me, and I care about who you are and what you believe in because we are here together, and it matters.

Because it matters, think about how it could hurt someone the next time you use pieces of your character to undermine the parts that make other people feel whole. Be childlike, and think before you speak.

Remember that love wins, and never forget to be kind.



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