A Little Unorthodox

In response to today’s one-word prompt: Sacred.

When I write, nothing is sacred.

Every word has been removed from its sanctuary. Details are ripped from their sacrament. I spill secrets with semicolons and gossip with commas.

I like to believe this makes me observant, this incessant need to overshare my thoughts and feelings. In actuality, I believe it separates me. I have never been a “yes” or “no” girl; I am the girl on the right.

cjnftvuukaabr66.jpgThe concept of the girl on the right delights me. I am my own before I am ever anyone else’s. Untouched by society’s morality, I have conformed to my own ideals. My life fulfills me.

I exist at the same time as Dippin’ Dots and Snuggies! I can sit at my laptop and write sentences with words I’ve barely learned to create stories that never happened. I can laugh because my happiness depends solely on my mindset. I will never say I don’t care about what people think about me, but I will say their opinions will never change me.

Living my life has been a spiritual experience.  I worship the concept of free-will. I am who I am today not because I can’t follow directions, but because I follow my heart.