The Illusionist

Inspired by today’s one-word prompt: conjure.

Conjuring involves a series of mind tricks, usually by deceiving the eyes or calling attention to everything but the action itself. I picture card games and long streams of ribbons, black suit sleeves. I imagine pennies in ear lobes and rabbits in hats.

If I think for long enough, I conjure up an image of you.

I listened to everything you said. I watched the way your lips parted, how your tongue brushed your teeth. While your lashes blinked over your pupils, I saw the dimples in your chin. I didn’t see much else until much later.

There were a series of chain reactions that led to me learning the magician’s secrets. None of those matter now that the magic is gone. When people say that actions speak louder than words, believe them. Abracadabra and I love you sounded a lot alike when he said them.


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